POS Button Set Up


Adding and updating the buttons in the POS interface involves the following tasks

  • Defining the Main Menu
  • Defining the Sub menus that will be lauched from the Main Menu
  • Adding the actions to the buttons.

This document assumes that you know how to open the POS screen in Channergy POS

Defining the Main Menu.

This is the main screen that will show up when the user clicks on the Sale button.

  1. From the Point of Sale screen click on the Setup button.Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 11.27 AM
  2. From the Button Pad List screen, click on the Add Pad.. button.  This will open the Button Pad Setup screen.  This is the screen that you will use to define all of your button pads and the action of each button.  Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 12.38 PM
  3. For the purposes of this we will simply define the main button pad and how many buttons are on it.  We will be using the Cell Phones 4U sample database and we will put the four categories of products (Accessories, Batteries Cell Phones and Kits) on the main button pad. So we could have a grid of four rows and one column or two rows and two columns.     We will use one colum and four rows.
  4.  After you click on Save & Create Buttons… your screen will look like this.  You can adjust the button height and width to meet your needs. Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 01.13 PM
    1. Note that the Main Button Pad check box is checked.
    2. We will create the other button pad screens next and then come back and set up the buttons on this one.
  5. Click on the x to close this screen.  Your Button Pad List will have one item on it and it will look similar to this Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 01.18 PM

Defining your Sub Menus

For the Cell Phones 4 U database we will create four sub menus that will be launched from the main button pad.  In our case we will be using the product categories (Accessories, Batteries Cell Phones and Kits).  In this excercise we will set up the Accessories sub menu.  For each of the sub menu’s it is a good idea to know how many buttons you will need for each one.  In our case (Cell Phones 4U) we have 45 product that are in that category.

  1. From the Button Pad List screen, select the Add Pad.. button.
  2. For the Description we will use Accessories.
  3. Since we need to create a screen with 45 buttons, you will need to do some testing to figure out what combination of rows and columns you will need.  In this case we will use the following parameters
    1. Rows 9
    2. Columns 5
    3. Height 55
    4. Width 110
  4. This is what the Button Pad Setup screen would look like Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 01.39 PM
  5. Create the button pads for the remaining product categories.  When you are done your button pad list will look similar to this Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 01.43 PM

Adding Actions to Buttons

At this point we have not defined what is going to happen when you click on one of the button pad buttons.  In fact at this point nothing will happen.  There are currently two actions that you can set up for an action in the POS button pads, open another button pad, or insert a product into an order.

Opening another button pad

In this section we will set up the Main menu pad to open up the other category button pads.

  1. Move the Button Pad List screen to the upper right of the screen so that you can see the Button Pad numbers
  2. Select the Main menu from the button pad list.
  3. Click on the  Edit Pad… button.  This will open up the Button Pad Setup screen.Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 01.52 PM
  4. Click on the first button on the pad, it will change to a light blue color.
  5. In the Button Caption field put in Accessories
  6. Select the OpenButtonPad option from the function combo box
  7. In the Function ID field add the button pad number corresponding to the Accesories Button Pad, in our case it is 4.
  8. If you want to add an image to go with the button, right click on the Button Image and select a bitmap (.BMP) image to use.
  9. If you want to change the backgroud color of the button you select it from the Button Color combo box.
  10. Click on Save Chages to see how the button will look on the pad.
  11. Your button pad setup screen should look similar to this Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 02.18 PM

Adding an item to an order

To add an item to an order we will use the AddItem function in the Button Pad Setup screen.  This process is usually done by our technical support team during implementation as this can be a tedius process if done one item at a time.  However, for illustraton purposes this document will show you the process.  We will be adding one of the products from the battery category.

  1. Select the Batteries button pad from the Button Pad List.
  2. Click on the Edit Pad … button
  3. Click on the Pad that you want to use to add an item to an order (It will change to a blue color)
  4. It the Button Caption field you can add anything you want to describe the product.  In our case we are going to use the product description.
    1. Depending on how many buttons are on the button pad, you may want to limit how long the caption is so that it will display completely in the POS.
  5. Select AddItem from the Function combo box
  6. In the Function ID field you must use the Product Number so that the software knows what item to add to the order.
  7. You can optionally add a bitmap image of the product by right clicking in the box next to the Button Image caption and select the Load… option from the context menu.
  8. You can optionally set the Button Color from the combo box.
  9. Click on Save Changes.  Your screen will look similar to this Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 02.37 PM
  10. Repeat the process for each of the items on your button pad.  In our example it will look similar to this Screen Shot 06-13-16 at 02.40 PM





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