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  1. If you have not done so already click Tools -> Preferences on the text menu to open the Preferences dialog. Then click the Customers tab.
  2. Alternate Customer Number Formula – You can specify what portions of a customer’s name and address make up the Alternate Customer Number found on the Additional Info tab of the Customer screen. The System ID also found there is a sequential, unique number. Both fields are available in Search.
  3. Field DefaultsPrice Level – Sets the global default price level used for newly added customers. Products have 4 price levels. The level selected here will determine the amount charged to the customer when manually entering orders if no other method is selected for the individual customer in the Additional Info tab of the Customer screen.Search Tab Order – Opens a dialog where you can specify where the cursor starts and then jumps to when using the Find a Customer feature. This allows you to specify the cursor appears first in the fields you normally search on.Set customer Sales Rep to current operator when adding customers –  This defaults the sales rep on the Additional Info tab of the Customer screen to the currently signed in operator when adding customers. Use this setting when you have sales reps for whom you wish to pay commission. It can also be used in conjunction with Security to limit operators views of customers to only those they add or are assigned.

    Use query method (instead of filtering) for customer searches – Legacy and not recommended as this method is slower. Use only if instructed by support.

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