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  1. If you have not done so already click Tools -> Preferences on the text menu to open the Preferences dialog. Then click the Data Entry tab.
  2. Name and Address Formatting – Select how you want fields updated when you enter data. When you type a field and then press the Tab key Channergy will change the formatting to your specified preference.
  3. Always capitalize city name – Checking this box will ensure manually entered city names are uppercased.
  4. Default Operator ID – If you are not using the security system and logins you can specify a default ID to be placed on orders, contacts etc. This is useful if you are the only user in Channergy or do not wish to have individual sign ins for your users.
  5. Default Country – Sets the default country name and code for manually entered customers and orders. You can override the country selected when entering.
  6. Require City – Forces the user to select a city before a customer or order can be saved.
  7. Require Zip/Postal code – Forces the user to select a Zip or Postal Code before a customer or order can be saved. Note: When you select a Zip code a U.S. city will automatically be entered for you. When you press the Tab key you can change the city name if you wish.
  8. Shipping Charge Ranges – The shipping tables in Channergy include a table for calculating shipping on manually entered orders by either the total weight of the order or the total value. You can merge these tabs to provide more fields for one or the other.
  9. Start program with maximized forms – Opens Channergy with all screens maximized. Some users find this less confusing and more focused then the multiple windows view.
  10. Print instead of preview – Reports when opened will automatically open the Print dialog. This saves you a step when printing reports.

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