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  1. If you have not done so already click Tools -> Preferences on the text menu to open the Preferences dialog. Then click the Orders tab.
  2. This is the most detailed Preferences section. Make your changes as described below and then click the OK button to save them.
  3. Field DefaultsPay Type and Ship Via– You can set a default Pay Method and Ship Method for keyed orders. These can be overriden at the time of order entry. You can also specify a default pay method for a customer that will override this global default when you enter an order for that person.Print labels for new orders – Legacy, but can be used in reports by detecting the value (True, False or Null) at the order level.Print invoices for new orders – Legacy, but can be used in reports by detecting the value (True, False or Null) at the order level.

    Override shipping for new orders – Sets the Shipping field to an editable mode and does not calculate shipping automatically. Useful if you usually enter shipping when taking phone orders.

    Default new orders to On Hold – New orders are automatically set to HOLD. Useful if you want to approve orders before processing them.

  4. PreferencesRequire Operator ID to be assigned- Forces the user to enter an Operator ID at the order before it can be saved. This prevents users from saving orders without an ID. Require Source Key to be assigned – Forces the user to select an Ad Source Key before the order can be saved.Require Shipping Method to be assigned – Forces the user to select a shipping method before the order can be saved.

    Require override if over _____ – Operator cannot save an order over the amount you specify here without management approval.

    Use incremental product search – Defaults the incremental search on the product search screen at order entry to on. As you type a product number the search will jump to the next match.

    Start product search on Full Text field – Defaults the product search at order entry in the Full Text field where you can type any whole word that appears in the Product Number, Name, Description or Long Description.

    Hide discontinued option in product search – Removes the option at product search to exclude discontinued items.

    Go to last order on open – Legacy, no longer used.

    Charge for backorders – If checked, orders will include backordered items in the extended amount column and order subtotal. If unchecked, the customer will not be charged for backordered items until they are filled.

    Fill Backorders on standard import – When importing .csv or similar files using the Import on the Process Orders screen items will be committed instead of backordered if possible. There is a different setting for orders imported from Channels. See the Channels Preferences for details on the Commit Items on Import option.

    Message for new order – The text you type here will be displayed at order entry (Note: This feature is currently disabled).

    Show gift order items on master order screen – Select this box if you would like be view the items for suborders under the Gift Order Items tab on the Order Entry screen.

    Lock credit card info after approval – Prevents users from modifying payments after receiving or entering an approval code.

    Set payment approval code to readonly – Lock the approval code so it cannot be manually entered. You can still use the Authorize button and imported orders will have the code already entered.

    Delete credit card number after approval – For very strict PCI Compliance purposes you can choose to have credit cards immediately deleted from Channergy.

    Set Operator ID to readonly – Prevents users from selecting a different Operator ID at order entry. It is recommended you have a default Operator ID set in preferences or have security turned on so Operator ID’s are entered automatically.

    Set Order Date to readonly –  Locks the Order Date field so it cannot be changed.

    Process Orders: Do not process payment if item total equals zero – Prevents orders with a zero balance from appearing in the Process Payments tab of Process Orders. This is useful if blank orders are importing.

    Allow prices to be changed after an item has shipped – Not recommended, but allows you the option to edit shipped items.

    Allow shipped items to be forced back to committed or backordered – Not recommended, but allows you to right click and change the status of a shipped item.

    Automatically mark items as shipped instead of committed – When an item is added to an order it is immediately set to Shipped instead of Committed status.

    Send email when order is marked finished –  You can select an email from the Email Notification feature to be sent automatically when the user click the Finished button during order entry.

  5. Shipping TabAllow tracking table to be edited- Unlocks the Tracking table so you can manually enter or change tracking information at order entry.Default to Don’t Hold for BO – Allows orders with backordered items in them to ship ahead by default. You can override this for any individual order at order entry by checking/unchecking the “Don’t hold for BO” checkbox on the Shipping tab.Scale Port – Select the port to which your scale is attached so Channergy can use it during Box Scanning in Process Orders.

    Require signature if over – Indicates a signature is required for delivery for orders over the amount you enter. Channergy will send this code to your connected shipping software when applicable.

    Ship insured if over –  Indicates insurance is required for delivery for orders over the amount you enter. Channergy will send this code to your connected shipping software when applicable.

  6. UPS Worldship TabExport to UPS Worldship when invoice prints
    Note: Channergy uses an ODBC Connection to connect directly to UPS Worldship and print labels one at a time or in batches. The Export to UPS Worldship feature here is a legacy option for older versions of Worldship. This is no longer used.UPS Database File – Specify the ODBC connection you created here.

  7. Endica/Dazzle Tab
    Channergy uses an ODBC Connection to connect directly to Endicia Pro and print labels one at a time or in batches. The Dazzle feature here is a legacy option.Dazzle Directory- Enter the path to your Dazzle install. Channergy can submit labels to Dazzle from Order Entry using an xml connection.
  8. Connect Ship TabExport to ConnectShip after box scanning-Login etc – Enter your credentials for your ConnectShip account so Channergy can interact with the program.Label Format –

    Port –

    Stock Symbol –

    Mode –

  9. Special Items Button
    This opens a dialog where you can set up Order Discounts, Hazmat Charges, Shipping Insurance Calculations, Order Minimum Amounts and an automatic item to add to all orders (e.g., a Catalog)
  10. Set Order Number Button
    Click this to set the next order number for Channergy to use when creating orders. Contact Support to receive your password to make this change.
  11. Search Tab Order
    Click this to change where the cursor starts and jumps to when using the Find an Order feature. This allows you to specify your favorite fields to jump to first when searching.

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