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  1. If you have not done so already click Tools -> Preferences on the text menu to open the Preferences dialog. Then click the Products tab.
  2. PreferencesShow product weight in grams – Check this box to display grams instead of ounces on the Channergy product screen. This simply changes the field name. The values in the weight field are stored as decimals which are not specific to a weight system.Use VAT taxes – Adds a Vat % field next to each Price Level on the Product screen. You can enter a percent amount that will be added to items in orders.
  3. Custom FieldsCustom Field Name – You can rename the Custom Fields that show up under the Extras button from the Stock Levels tab of the Product screen. These custom fields also show up with the names you type during product searches. They are not searchable fields, but do show information specific to your.
  4. Purchase OrdersEmail Notification when sending as .pdf attachment –  You can select an email (usually the default PO email) to send when using the Purchase Order system in Channergy and selecting from the Reports menu there to send the current PO as a .pdf.

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