Setting up AVS in Channergy


In order to use the USPS AVS system you will need to set up a Web Tools account with USPS and get an account number for doing that.


The procedure for setting up AVS, Address Verification, in Channergy involves two steps, setting up the account with USPS and then setting it up in Channergy.

Setting up a USPS Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Register Now button.
  3. This will take you to the Web Tools Registration Page Screen Shot 02-05-16 at 02.42 PM
  4. Add the address information from where you are shipping from.
  5. Click on the I Agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use radio button.
  6. You will get a confirmation page similar to this      Screen Shot 02-05-16 at 02.46 PM
  7. And an email will be sent to the email address in step 3 above.
  8. The email you receive will contain the information that you need to set up AVS in Channergy.
    1. You will need the Username and Password that you received from

Setting up Channergy for AVS

Address verification is only available for Channergy 2015 build 1509.  Make sure that you have this build.

  1. Turn on the Direct shipping tab in Tools->Preferences
    1. Close Channergy on all systems.
    2. Go to your Channergy database folder.
    3. Locate the ChannergyGlobal.ini file
    4. Open the file in a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++
    5. Search for the key: IsCreateShipLabelsAtProcessOrders
    6. Change the value after the = sign to 1
    7. Close and save the file.
  2. Open Channergy and go to Tools->Preferences
    1. Click on the Orders tab
    2. In the upper right quadrant of the Preferences window you should see the shipping tabs that look like this. Screen Shot 02-11-16 at 10.27 AM
    3. Click on the Direct tab
      1. If you do not see a Direct tab, go back to step 1 above and make sure that you updated ChannergyGlobal.ini file in the correct folder.
    4. Update the USPS UserID, and USPS Password fields with the data that was provided when you set up your USPS account.
    5. For the purposes of AVS only you can put the USPS UserID in the USPS Accnt No field as well.
    6. Your screen should look something like this: Screen Shot 02-11-16 at 10.33 AM
      1. Note that you do not need to check the Endicia is Postage Provider check box.

Using the Channergy AVS

The AVS system in Channergy has added a new buttons in the order and customer screens.  These buttons will go out to the USPS servers to verify the shipping address and optionally allow you to change the address.

  1. Click on the postman logo on the toolbarScreen Shot 02-11-16 at 10.42 AM or on the Screen Shot 03-25-16 at 01.51 PM in the customer screen.
  2. If the AVS system finds a match, you will be prompted with the Address Verification Results window. Screen Shot 02-11-16 at 10.44 AM
    1. Click on the Use this Address button to update the shipping address in the address fields.
  3. If there is no match for the address, the system will display a dialog box similar to                                                           Screen Shot 02-11-16 at 10.48 AM 001

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