Creating and Managing Suppliers

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  1. To access the Suppliers  feature click on the Settings button on the Channergy Explorer1
  2. Then select the Suppliers button from the Channergy Explorer.  NOTE: You can also access the suppliers screen from the Inventory option in the top navigation bar.
  3. This will display the Product Supply Vendors screen.
  4. The interface is divided into three tabs Vendor Information, Products and Purchase Orders.
  5. To Add a new Supplier/Vendor click on the New Button button.
  6. At this time you can key in all the vendor information that you need for your business.
  7. To associate a buyer with the supplier select them from the drop down list.  If you need to add a buyer you can add them from the Operators & Security menu.
  8. The Email Button button will launch your email client and populate the email address with the suppliers email address.
  9. The Products tab will show all of the products for the selected supplier.
    1. You can edit one of the products listed by clicking on the Edit Button button.  This will open the Products screen with the selected product in view.
    2. If you want to add a product from this screen click on the Add Product Button button.  A new record will be added to the products table with the selected supplier populated in the supplier field.
  10. The Purchase Orders tab will show all of the purchase orders for the selected supplier.
    1. To edit one of the purchase orders on the list select it from the list and click on the Edit Button button.
    2. To add a new purchase order for this supplier click on the Add Purchase Order button.  This will create a new purchase order for the selected supplier. For help on purchase orders click here.
  11. You can add new products or create new purchase orders by clicking on the newproductnewpo  icons from the top of the suppliers screen.

UNDER THE HOOD: The suppliers feature uses primarily the Suppliers table.  However it interacts with numerous other tables in the system including the Products and PO tables.  When the new supplier is added to the new system the SupplierNo field is autoincremented and when you finish adding the supplier information and click on the Save button, the data are added to the Supplier table.

When you click on the Products tab the software queries the Products and ProductSuppliers tables for all of the Products that are assigned to the selected supplier.

When you click on the Purchase Orders tab the software queries the PO table for all of the purchase orders that were issued to the selected vendor.

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