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  1. If you have not done so already click Tools -> Preferences on the text menu to open the Preferences dialog. Then click the CRM tab.
  2. Channergy includes a full Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool similar to Salesforce or Sugar CRM. If you wish to use this feature you can specify where the following three tabs open by inputting the URL you wish to use for each of these in the fields.
    1. Online Support Tickets – Enter a URL here if you use an online Help Desk system (e.g., ZenDesk)
    2. Online Project Manager – Enter a URL here for a project management tool (e.g., Basecamp)
    3. Online Email – Enter a URL for your online email service (e.g., Google)

Note: You can enter any URL you wish for the above and allow your users to access different web sites than the recommended types above.

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