Update or Upgrade Channergy Install

We regularly release free updates for the latest version of Channergy that include bug fixes, new features and changes to documentation. You can download and install them from the link in the instructions below.

Upgrades have been historically released every year in the first quarter. These are paid releases that include new features and functionality. You can also use upgrade to reinstall an old version of Channergy.

Instructions for installing updates and upgrades follow.

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Installing Updates

  1. Check your version and build of Channergy by clicking Help -> About on the text menu.1
  2. Download the latest build from our Updates page (e.g., 2015 Revisions)
  3. Close Channergy then run the downloaded file and follow the prompts.
  4. Run Channergy and if prompted be sure to Backup then Update the database. Note: If you are using Client/Server you will need to backup your database manually with a third party tool or by simply copying the data directory to another location.Note: Do not skip this step. Channergy automatically adds and modifies fields in your database to work with the installed version. If you skip the update Channergy will not work properly. You can run the database update from Channergy as well. Make sure all windows in Channergy are closed, except for the Channergy Explorer (Menu screen) then click Tools -> Update Database… from the text menu. We recommend you to run Tools -> Backup first.
  5. If you have multiple workstations be sure to run the update on each one by following the steps above. If a workstation has an earlier version of Channergy it may still run but will give the following error message:

Use the instructions above to install the update and remove this error message.

Installing Upgrades

  1. Upgrades are paid version upgrades to your Channergy install, for example when you upgrade from Channergy 2010 to Channergy 2011. Upgrades are optional and install to a separate directory so your original install is not affected. To apply an upgrade use the following steps.Note: You can install an upgrade for free to try it out before buying.
  2. Download the Channergy upgrade from our site (e.g., 2015 Revisions). Select the download for the “FULL INSTALL” rather than the update.
  3. Run the downloaded file and follow the prompts to complete the install.
  4. Open your previous version of Channergy. Click Tools -> Backup and make a backup of your database. Note: If you are using Client/Server you will need to backup your database manually with a third party tool or by simply copying the data directory to another location.
  5. Click File -> Open Database on the text menu. In the dialog that opens write down the path for each directory (Company) you have set up in Channergy. This is the location of your data directory(ies).

    In the dialog above your data directories are listed next to each company name (e.g., Cell Phones 4 U is located in c:\users\public\cellphones4u).
  6. Close your previous version of Channergy.
  7. OPTIONAL: You can copy over your preferences from your previous install of Channergy to the new version. To do so open Windows Explorer and browse to the install location of your previous install (e.g., C:\Program Files\Channergy 2010). In that folder find the Channergy.ini (or the file named Channergy with a type of Configuration File) and right click it. Choose Copy to copy it to the Windows clipboard. Then browse to the new install directory and paste the file over the existing one of the same name.
  8. Open your new version of Channergy. Click File -> Open Database. You will see a dialog similar to the one above. It should contain one or two sample databases (e.g., Lord’s Flower and Garden, Cell Phones 4 U…). Click one of these and then click the Edit button at the bottom of the dialog.
  9. In the dialog that opens change the Name and Directory to one of the ones you wrote down in step 5 above, then click OK.
  10. Select the newly created directory and click OK in the Open Database dialog. This will switch Channergy to your existing database. At this point you will very likely be prompted to update the database as in step 4 of Installing Updates above. Click the Update button to do so (you can also backup your data again if you like). When the update is complete you will be returned to Channergy and your data will be updated to work with the new version.Note:  If you are evaluating a new version you can make a copy of your database directory and point to that location instead of your current database. That will allow you to continue running your old version until you are ready to upgrade. Please Click Here for pricing information.

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