Adjust Inventory

How to use the Adjust Inventory

This feature allows you to quickly take inventory or add and delete items from stock.

You can use the Adjust Inventory Action to quickly add items to your inventory, or delete them. Note: When deleting inventory counts will be appropriately reduced by the Adjust To number or changed to the Change To quantity, however, no record of the deletion will be maintained.

  1. To access the Adjust Inventory feature, click on 


  2. This will bring up the Adjust Inventory screen.

    Adjust Inventory Screen

  3. The dialog is blank when it opens. You can enter items individually using a bar code wand or by typing the Product Number in the Product column of the grid. You can also lookup products by clicking the button which appears in the grid. Alternatively, you can Prefill the list with all your existing inventory by clicking the Prefill Button button. Note: The grid will not include any items in your inventory which you have marked as “Non-Inventory Items.”
  4. During the Prefill process you will see a scroll bar as the table is populated with the inventory information.


  5. As you enter each item or scroll through the Prefill list you can adjust quantities up or down using the Adjust by Method. Enter a number to adjust quantities (e.g., to add three more items to inventory enter the number 3. If you had 2 in inventory this will add 3 more for a total of 5). If you are not using Prefill, you can default the number of items added or deleted by selecting a value in the Default Adjust by field. The default number may be changed as you enter items, or you can check the Skip the Adjust by field and simply enter or wand items. This is quicker if you always add or subtract one.
  6. Instead of adjusting items, you can change quantities to a different number by selecting the Use Change To Method. As you enter items or scroll through Prefill items you enter the actual number you wish to show in stock (e.g., If you enter 4 then the number in stock when you save will show a quantity of 4 in Channergy). You can use either Adjust By or Change To in any single session.

    Prefilled Products

  7. When you have finished a session close all workstations running Channergy, then click the Update button. All changes made will be written to your product database at that time. If any records were locked you will receive a message indicating that some items could not be changed. Click OK and you will be returned to the grid where only the unchanged items will be displayed. You can then Save again to make the changes.NOTE: If you experience a system crash or other system failure you can open the ADJINV.LOG file in your Channergy (C:\Program Files\Channergy 20XX) directory to see which changes were actually made to your database and which were not saved. You can then reenter your changes. This is a backup safety measure.

Additional Information

  1. You can enter items more than once in the Grid. This is desirable when using the Adjust by method (e.g., If you enter or wand an item and adjust it by 1, then enter it again later and adjust it by 2 the total number added to your inventory when you save will be 3). Currently when using the Change To method the same item may be entered more than once. In this situation the last item entered will be the final quantity for the product (e.g., If you enter an item with a Change To quantity of 3, then enter it again later with a quantity of 4 the final quantity in Channergy will be 4).
  2. When you save a session changes are made to your Product database all at once. Before the changes are written a log file (Adjinv.log) is created in your Channergy directory (C:\Program Files\Channergy 20XX). If you experience a system crash or other failure you can open the log with notepad to see which changes were made to your database, and which need to be reentered in the Adjust Inventory action.
  3. Greyed fields in the grid are for informational purposes only and cannot be changed. To make changes to these fields open Channergy and use the Product table.
  4. If you wand or enter a product number that is not included in your Channergy database a message will appear stating “Product does not exist in database”. You can set these items aside and add them to your product database through Channergy as in item 3 above.
  5. The Adjust Inventory action does not support fractional quantities.
  6. The filter Button button allows you to select groups of products based on filter criteria. 

    Adjust Inventory Filter

    1. Note, this feature only works after data has been added to the grid either through the Prefill method or by keying or scanning in product numbers.
  7. As of Channergy 2011 (Build 1115) the Reason Code feature is not fully built out.

UNDER THE HOOD: This feature uses primarily the AdjustInv table.  When you use the Prefill… option the software populates the AdjustInv with the ProductNo from the Products table.  The query excludes products that have been marked non-inventory.  Depending on what adjustment method is used, either the QtyAdd or QtyChangeTo fields are populated with the data that are keyed in in the interface.  When the Update button is clicked the InStock amounts are either adjusted by or changed to the amounts in the AdjustInv table and the Updated field is changed to True.  If one of the records in the Products table is locked the Updated flag remains false and the Product(s) remain in the AdjustInv table.  All records that have the Updated flag set to True are then deleted.


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