Changing the Layout of the Order Items Grid


The order items grid has a tool that allows you to change the order that columns are displayed and add or remove columns.

Moving a  Column

To change the order that a column is displayed simply click on the blue title and drag it to the location that you want.  Green arrows will show you where the column will be placed on the grid.  When the column is in the position that you want, simply let go of the mouse and it will drop into place.

Adding a column

There are a number of columns that you can add and remove from the items grid by clicking on the column configuration button
at the left end of the items grid.

Screen Shot 01-11-16 at 02.39 PM

The dialog menu will display the fields that can be shown on the items grid

Screen Shot 01-11-16 at 02.40 PM

To add or remove an item from the grid simply check or uncheck the box next to the item.

Once you have added the item to the grid you can move it to your desired location by clicking on the title bar and dragging it to the location that you want.


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