Recurring Orders

Create a Recurring Order

Set up an order for a customer to automatically create every X days. Unlike a subscription that is paid in advance recurring orders have a payment due each time.

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  1. Before creating recurring orders you will need to set up  a couple of items. To create an Ad Source Key click the Settings button on the Main Menu and locate the Ads & Source Keys button.131
  2. Click it to access the Ad Source Key screen. On that screen click the New button.Ads and Source Keys
  3. In the dialog that opens type a new Source Key of RECURRING (Note: The spelling is important).Recurring Key
  4. OPTIONAL: You can also create a customer contact log action. We will use it in the instructions below, but you do not have to set one up or use it to create a recurring order.Click the Customer button on the Main Menu to open the Customer screen. On the  top of the Customer screen click the Setup text menu item and select Customer Contact Actions.Setup Actions
  5. Click the Add button and then type Recurring Order into the blank line that appears. Be sure to press the down arrow key to drop the item into the table before clicking the X to close the dialog.Actions List

Creating Recurring Orders

  1. Enter an order for a customer as you would normally. See the Orders help topic for details.
  2. Next, go to the customer screen for that order (Tip: Click the Edit Cust button at the top of the Order screen).
  3. Click the New Contact button at the top of the Customer screen (you do not have to select the Contact tab first).New Contact
  4. In the dialog that opens enter the following information:Recurring Orders Contact
    • Select RECURRING from the Source Key pulldown.
    • OPTIONAL: Select Recurring Order from the Action pulldown.
    • Enter in the Tickle Date field when you want the orders to stop creating. This is the end date for the orders and can be a few days after the calculated last day (e.g., start on 1/1/12 and end on 1/5/13).
    • In the Days field enter the number of days between orders. 30 causes a new order to be created every 30 days. This starts from the Order Date found in the top right corner of the order screen.
  5. Click OK to save the contact.

Running the Recurring Orders Script

  1. If you do not have the Recurring Orders script installed you can download it from the following link: Version 1: V1.01.mws  or Version 2: Save the file(s) into your data directory and create a shortcut for it in the Tools folder. See the Creating Shortcuts help topic for more details. NOTE: You can try each version to see which works better for you. Most will use v2.
  2. You can run the script by selecting it from the Tools menu at the top of the Channergy screen. Or, you can use a third party program or Windows Scheduler to run the script every day at a certain time. You should run the script daily to ensure no orders are missed.
  3. After running the script open the Orders screen in Channergy and  scroll to the last order(s) to see your new recurring orders. You do not need to manage them in the Orders screen however as they will appear automatically in Process Orders ready to fulfill.
Added creation of blank Credit payment and removed Paid amt from order
Note: Following logic creates a new order even if a few days have passed. The DueDt in the CustSrv table is set to Today’s Date when the script runs successfully. The recurringOrderDt is the date the new order was created (tickle date plus # of days). So the logic looks the DueDt and compares to recurringOrderDt to determine if an order was created so it does not create a dupe. If you delete the DueDt from the custsrv table for testing purposes you can create multiple test orders. Don’t do this for a real database though!
WHERE  DueDt >;= recurringOrderDt OR (DueDt <= recurringOrderDt AND recurringOrderDt >; CURRENT_DATE) ;

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