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Setting up the MCM & WooCommerce

To Set up WooCommerce with Channergy

  1. In Channergy create an Operator ID for the WooCommerce channel.
    1. Go to the Settings link in the top right corner of the Menu window
    2. Select the Operator IDs link
    3. Add an operator to the list.
  2. Use any ID number and name (e.g. WooCommerce or MyWooStore etc.) you want. This ID will be added to orders imported from WooCommerce
  3. There is no need to add a password for the WooCommerce channel.
  4. You will need to create API Credentials in WooCommerce and then add them to the WooCommerce Setup window in Channergy.
    1. Log into your Wordpress Admin panel for your WooCommerce store
    2. Select the Setting link under the WooCommerce section of the left navigation panel
    3. Select the Advanced tab of the settings page and click on the Rest API link
    4. Click on the Add Key button
    5. Fill out the fields in the Add Key page
    6. Make sure that you select Read/Write in the permissions combo box.
    7. Click on the generate key button
    8. Make a note of the store URL, Consumer key and Consumer secret.
  5. Open Channergy and select Tools>Preferences from the text menu at the top. Then click the Channels tab.
  6. Select the WooCommerce option on the left then click the checkbox “Show a tab for this channel on the Product screen.” Click the Add button on the bottom of the screen.
  7. In the dialog that opens type any Description you wish. Then enter the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret and URL you noted as instructed above. NOTE: For the store URL you only need the actual URL there is no need for http:// or https://
  8. Select if you wish to Upload Products, Upload Shipping Confirmations (Please see the Note below regarding Shipping) and Download Orders.

    Note that the Woocommerce API does not support tracking (shipping confirmation) uploads.  To do that you will need to purchase the Shipment Tracking extension ( https://woocommerce.com/products/shipment-tracking) before shipment confirmation uploads will work from Channergy.

  9. Make sure that the Operator ID that was created in step 1 above is selected in the Operator ID field.
  10. Check the Commit on import box if you wish inventory to be deducted immediately upon importing orders (recommended).
  11. Click OK on each dialog to complete and close the setup.
  12. You should have the MultiChannelManager (MCM) running in your Windows system tray. It looks like a blue globe. If not, please contact us for MCM setup instructions.

NOTE: It may take a few hours for the first orders to download. You can check the EditLog.dat table in your data directory to see activity and any error messages which will appear in the Database Utility <http://s.bl-1.com/h/dmKs8fpr?url=https://channergy.com/shop/product/database-utility/>  as MEMO fields. Double click any uppercase MEMO field to read the message.

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