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View and locate Zip Codes. Add or edit new codes.

The Zip Code table in Channergy is periodically updated to reflect changes from the U.S. Post Office. You can view and search for Zip Codes. You can also make your own changes to the Zip Code table. Channergy uses the Zip Code table to automatically enter City and State names when you type a Zip Code on a customer account or order.

  1. To access the Zip Code  feature click on the Settings Tab and click on Zip/Postal codes on the Channergy Explorer94
  2. This will display the Zip Codes screen.
  3. To add a new zip code to the table click on the New Zip Code button.  This will add a new record where the cursor is located.
  4. To search for a zip code in the table click on the Search Button button.
  5. This will open the Search screenzipCodeSearch
    1. The search screen automatically searches by the Zip Code key field.
    2. The search field uses Real-Time Incremental search so that when you start typing numbers in the Search Character field it will start searching from the first character.
  6. To edit existing Zip Codes tab to the code you wish to change and type the new information (Zip Code update installs are optional, but will overwrite your changes if you accept them).
  7. When you have completed updating the Zip Codes table click on the Exit Button button in the upper right corner of the Zip Code screen.  Any changes you have made will be save automatically.

Note: The Channergy Zip Code table is periodically updated. Check the downloads section of our web page for updates.

UNDER THE HOOD: The zip code table is only used when adding new orders or customers to the Channergy database.

In the Customer table, when you key in the zip code into the Zip or ShipZip fields the system does a lookup into the Zip table and if a matching record is found the system will populate the appropriate City and State fields with the data from the Zip table.

In the orders table, if you key in the Zip code into the ShipZip field the system will do a query on the Zip table and if a match is found it will populate the ShipCity and ShipState fields in the orders table.

Note: As of build 1115, the orders that are downloaded via the MCM are not checked against the Zip code table for bad values.  This is because the zip code tables in Channergy are only for the United States and Canada and are only updated when a new version is downloaded.

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