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Fulfillment-By-AmazonSquareHow Channergy Works with Amazon FBA

When you add products to FBA the simplest method is to create a purchase order in Channergy and duplicate it on the Amazon FBA web portal. Then have your vendor ship your products directly to Amazon. Channergy automatically downloads your product counts from FBA every hour, so your quantities will be updated within an hour of Amazon updating your available counts. The number of items in FBA is stored in Channergy’s multiple locations feature under the FBA location. You can also have quantities for the same product that you store if you also fulfill the item yourself for other orders.

You can also move items from your local location to Amazon FBA by creating an order in Channergy with Amazon as the customer. This will deplete the items in stock immediately. When Amazon updates their counts Channergy will show the FBA counts automatically. This is useful when sending your own stock to FBA or when a purchase order is shipped to you and you then forward it to Amazon.

These methods allow Channergy to track quantities and compare them to those reported by Amazon. If counts are off you have documentation to challenge Amazon and receive a credit. Channergy can also tell you when it is time to replenish FBA stock and create a purchase order.

Channergy interfaces with Amazon FBA through its Multi Channel Manager (MCM).

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More About Amazon FBA

FBA is a service that allows you to have products stored by Amazon and shipped directly to your customers. For your Amazon FBA orders you can download an Amazon order report and import the order information so you have a basic record of the order. Amazon will automatically ship the items to your customer and manage shipping confirmations.

You can learn more about Amazon FBA for U.S. sellers on their Amazon Services – US page and for European sellers on their Amazon Services – Europe page.


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