aspdotnetHow Channergy works with AspDotNetStorefront

Channergy integrates with AspDotNetStorefront through an ODBC connection to is SQL Server database. Orders are downloaded and then fulfilled in Channergy. You can upload product listings including URL links to images and maintain product changes like counts and price changes. Shipping confirmations are uploaded as well at the time you specify each day.

Channergy interfaces with AspDotNet through its Multi Channel Manager (MCM).

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More about AspDotNetStorefront

As the name suggests, AspDotNetStorefront is an ecommerce store platform built on an ASP .NET and currently, powers over 10000 stores. The system boasts a very large list of different product features and is offered in four different packages for a variety of different sized businesses. High quality customer service is offered around the clock and there is an online community present. AspDotNetStorefront admits that it is aggressively priced, but they have been around since 1997 and offer tee most features for the price.


AspDotNetStorefront offers a very extensive feature list by default, and many additional features specifically for the four packages. Some of the features included with all packages are:

  • Web based store management
  • Integration with PayPal and Google checkout
  • Search engine optimization solutions
  • Advanced product listing and display options
  • Coupons and gift certificates
  • Skin based storefront customization
  • Order history

How much does AspDotNetStorefront cost?

AspDotNetStorefront comes in four different packages that offer a variety of different feature sets at different prices. The ML/Express storefront package is designed for the small business and has a base price of $695 and allows for 500 products. If a merchant decides to include a year of upgrades and support, a $249 charge is added as well. For additional features not included by default, AspDotNetStorefront offers the ML package at a cost of $1295. This allows merchants to have access to the source code (for an additional $995) and up to 250000 different products. ML comes with one server and additional servers can be added for $995.

The third tier of AspDotNetStorefront products is the ML/64 package, costing $1495. As well as the features included with the previous packages, ML/64 is run on a 64 bit system. The final tier of solutions from AspDotNetStorefront is the Multi-Store package with a base cost of $1495 and a 5 store license at $3490. Multi-Store offers the entire vast amount of features provided to the other packages such as affiliate solutions, separate domain names, dedicated servers, and improved functionality as well as allowing for up to 250 additional store licenses (costing varying amounts).


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