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How Channergy works with Best Buy

NOTE: Best Buy discontinued its marketplace in March 2016. Channergy will continue to support Best Buy with the last update for our customers already using the service.

Channergy downloads orders from your Best Buy store at the intervals you specify. It also uploads any changes to products as they occur (e.g., quantity or price changes). And, each day Channergy uploads your shipping information for each order, including tracking numbers.

More About Best Buy

Best Buy launched its marketplace in September 2011. Consumers can purchase items from Best Buy and third parties. Best Buy offers its own guarantee on all products shipped.

To list on Best Buy you submit your listings for approval through Rakuten (formerly which handles all product feeds to Best Buy. Sellers compete for the Buy Button on the marketplace by having the lowest price with ties broken by the seller with the higher quantity. A link to additional sellers is show for all items offered similar to the way Amazon lists additional sellers’ items.

Entry into the Best Buy Marketplace requires approval from Best Buy. You must be a current Rakuten reseller based in the U.S. able to ship to all 50 states within 2 business days. A 30 day return policy is required and restocking fees are prohibited.

You can reach them via email at Be sure to include in your email:

  • A list of marketplaces you already list on (Amazon, Sears, Rakuten etc.)
  • Your Rakuten seller name and how long you have been selling there
  • Your total number of SKUs
  • Your primary business
  • Your current seller feedback rating
[email protected]

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