logo-channelmax-netHow Channergy works with ChannelMax

Channergy includes the ChannelMax Repricing Model ID field on Amazon listings. By referencing the Model ID’s you set up in ChannelMax you can apply repricing rules to your Channergy products. For example, if you wish to beat the top seller by $1 and create a ChannelMax rule to do this, you can associate the rule in Channergy with each product you wish to use it.

ChannelMax offers many different rules and thousands of combinations. This gives you unprecedented control and a competitive edge when pricing on Amazon. Be first in every list and the featured seller – automatically.

More about ChannelMax

ChannelMax is a re-pricing software and multi channel selling management solution. Listing items on eBay, Overstock, Amazon and uBid occur in one uniformed platform. ChannelMax offers a dynamic listing template for sellers to customize the look of their listings and a batch scheduling option for automatic listings.  Items can be re-priced (with shipping calculated into the total price) on Amazon and Amazon Seller Central. The system is integrated with PayPal and allows for automatic invoicing, feedback management, and best offer acceptance. Inventory is handled in a central system keyed by SKU and items can have unlimited attributes.


ChannelMax offers a uniform way of listing to different channels, complete inventory management, and multiple post-sale management tools. Some of the features of the system include:

  • Unlimited item attributes
  • Fixed price selling for Amazon,, eBay and many other marketplaces
  • Integration with storefronts and Google Base
  • Works with Amazon Seller Central
  • Automatic feedback
  • Automatically sells to the best offer
  • Buyer contract management
  • Up to 100 MB of image hosting
  • Shipping manager

How much does ChannelMax cost?

A minimum of $24.99 per month is charged for ChannelMax; however prices vary depending on the number of SKUs and orders.

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