Custom Carts

cartHow Channergy works with Custom Carts

Any accessible MySQL or MSSQL cart can be integrated with the Channergy Multi Channel Manager. We can write the SQL to integrate your cart, or you can do it yourself. Channergy can download orders, upload product changes to existing products such as price and quantity and can upload shipping confirmations, including tracking numbers. All functions can be set for the timed intervals you wish and occur automatically. No third party hosting required – the Multi Channel Manager (MCM) runs directly from your PC or server.

Channergy interfaces with custom carts through its Multi Channel Manager (MCM).

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More About Custom SQL

Custom SQL is any sort of shopping cart software that has been custom made by an independent software developer or development company. This avoids purchasing packages through a separate company and paying monthly fees. These shopping carts or web stores typically do not include merchant accounts or hosts to keep the web store up on the internet.


Cost for custom carts is typically for the software of the cart alone. Other costs include monthly payments for merchant accounts, integration with Channergy and server hosts to keep the web store online.


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