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Channergy currently supports downloading of orders, listing of fixed or “Good Until Canceled” and Auction listings (see Full Listing Tool below), uploading price and quantity changes for products and uploading of shipping confirmations.

Full Listing Tool – In addition to keeping your listings updated in near real time, Channergy also includes a full listing tool. Create and list “Good Until Canceled” ebay store listings as well as scheduled auctions. Every ebay field is included in the tool and you can create and use templates and update listings en masse.

Uploads and downloads occur automatically at the timed interval you set in Channergy’s preferences. Because Channergy employs eBay’s native Application programming interface (API) the download is direct and quick. No third party programs are used. This ensures no down time as Channergy is not dependent on 3rd party revisions. It also means Channergy can quickly adapt to changes made by eBay. These changes are covered by your subscription fee, so there is no extra charge for updates.

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Create Listings

Good Until Canceled and Scheduled Auction listings are easy to create and can use your own templates.















Schedule Auctions

Each auction listing can be scheduled to run on different dates for durations of 1 – 10 days.


















Make one listing and apply it to thousands instantly based on your own business rules.





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More About eBay

eBay is perhaps the most popular online auction site. It supports both auctions and fixed price or “buy it now” items so you have have a running online store.

How does it work?

Listing: Before selling on eBay, you must be a registered member and become a seller. The process of listing an item for auction or buy it now is quite simple and the site will walk you through the process as you go. Things to keep in mind when listing your item and setting a reserve price (minimum price you’re willing to let it sell for) are what comparable products are selling for, keeping the item title and description clear and choosing a general and a specific category for it to be found in. Other selling tips are available on the eBay site.



  • Insertion: listing an item on eBay for auction will require an insertion fee. This fee is nonrefundable and can change because of either a set reserve price or a set minimum starting price, but does not exceed $2.00.
  • Final value: The final value fee, or the amount subtracted by eBay as your intermediary, is 9% of the final sale price but cannot exceed $50. If your item does not sell, there will be no final value fee charged.
  • Reserve fees: Reserve prices are the minimum price you will sell your item(s) for. The reserve fee will be $2.00 up to $199.99, and be 1.0% of the reserve price for items over 200.00 but not exceed $50.00.

Fixed Value:

  • Insertion: The insertion fee for buy it now items (or fixed price listings) is $0.50 regardless of the price set. The minimum price set is $0.99.
  • Final value: The percentage of the final sale price for fixed items that is subtracted from eBay is a specified percentage that decreases with each price bracket ($0.99-$50.00, $50.01-$1000.00 and $1000.01+). Depending how much your item sells for, and what sort of item you are selling, the percentage will be higher or lower, but the initial $0.99-$50.0 will be the highest percentage taken between 8.0%-15.0%.


Buy It Now has a fee that does not exceed $0.25 and they must have a minimum price of $0.99. Also, when you have an item for auction, you can also set a buy it now or fixed price that is higher than the auction price so that buyers have an option to opt out of bidding and spend a little bit more for the buy it now price.

Other Fees:

There are other fees included in selling on eBay. Those basics include optional feature fees, listing upgrade fees, picture hosting fees, seller tool fees and business and industrial equipment fees. These will vary sale to sale.

Items Sold:

There are restricted and prohibited items that cannot be sold on eBay. The list is a long but in depth and packed with information that will clarify most questions. Most of the items that are prohibited are due to legal reasons and eBay’s compliance with legal regulations. Otherwise, there are restricted items in which either a seller or the item being sold must meet certain criteria before listing/being listed. Items found being sold that are on the prohibited list will be removed promptly and the seller will be notified.

eBay Reputation:

When visiting the eBay site, you may notice when you search an item the seller has a colored star by their name. This star color signifies the rating of the seller and is usually next to a percentage out of 100. The higher the percentage the better the reputation of the seller.
Also, there are PowerSellers on eBay which are rated either, silver, gold, platinum or titanium. To be qualified as a PowerSeller, one must meet either a certain minimum number of items sold per month or a minimum sales amount per month. Not only must one must meet the qualifications to become a PowerSeller, but one must maintain these good standings.

eBay Stores:

eBay stores are where sellers can show all of their items for sale. When there is a red door icon next to the seller’s user ID, then the seller has an eBay store. Fees include monthly subscription, auction or fixed price fees, upgrade, optional feature feels and picture hosting.


Paying for items on eBay can be done with either a credit card or some sort of electronic payment method. The most commonly seen electronic payment is PayPal, but there are many others out there. When using a credit card, the card is processed through the seller’s merchant account so your credit card number is kept private and confidential from the seller.


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