endicia-logoChannergy and Endicia

When orders are imported into Channergy with a US Postal Service ship method they will automatically appear in Endicia ready to print and ship. Or, you can have all your labels print in batches. When using Endicia, only the Professional Plan can be integrated to work with Channergy. The cost difference will be discussed further.

More About Endicia

Using Endicia gives sellers access to printable postage labels and shipping solutions. Different resources are available to your company to make shipping products easier. Endicia offers different printers that allow you to print out postage labels for boxes and flat packaging, and also print envelopes and use them for other necessary letter mail. Endicia also offers a scale for companies to use to calculate an accurate package weight in order to prevent over or under charging customers for their purchases. If the scale is not used, package weights can be preset through Channergy so that shipping can remain as accurate as possible.


  • Postage for domestic and international mail
  • DYMO Printable postage
  • Address verification
  • Prefilled custom forms
  • Return shipping labels
  • Scale integration
  • Label customization
  • Email notification
  • Delivery statistics
  • Database integration
  • Third party software integration
  • USPS Insured mail


There are 5 different service plans for Endicia that range from $9.95 a month to $34.95 a month. Features in each of these plans will vary package to package but the most basic package includes buying and printing postage from your PC, address verification, postage rate calculation, savings on delivery confirmation & insurance, mail customization and postage reports.


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