How Channergy works with Half.com

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Half.com is an affiliate of eBay that offers buyers discounted new and used textbooks, music, movies and video games. There are five categories products can be listed in: Music, Movies, Books, Video Games and Game Systems.

How It Works

Half.com is a marketplace that allows you to easily get paid for your products. To sell through it, eBay sellers must sign up and agree to terms and conditions as noted on the website. Listing products is simple: choose from one of the 5 categories that items can be listed in, mark the condition, ISBN or UPC numbers, note comments, price and sell. Half.com will recommend a price for items depending on quality/condition and comments noted. Products are also able to be listed in a multiple item listing.


Sellers are paid two times a month: on the 15th and the last day. This payment is through a direct deposit to a personal checking account. There are rules and restrictions regarding quality and Half.com policies that claim sellers can arguably not get paid. It is key to pay attention to these agreements to guarantee payments.


With Half.com, there are no start-up, listing or monthly fees. The only fees for selling on Half.com are commission taken at time of sale. As selling prices increase, Half.com commission decreases. Commission percentages range from 15.0% (items priced $0.75-$50.00) to 5.0% (items >; $500.00).


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