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More about Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant is a leading supplier of e-commerce software and services to small and medium-sized businesses. They provide online merchants, developers, web designers and web hosts with the information and technology needed to be successful in today’s online selling environment. Miva Merchant hosts complete, reliable, expandable and easy-to-use e-commerce software and services.

Miva, like most carts, allows sellers to use software to develop and design a personal web store. The software integrates with QuickBooks and provides a separate solution called Miva Merchant Empresa, used for hosting and running your Miva built web store. They also provide merchant account solutions through Chase Paymentech or Innovative Merchant Solutions (IMS).


  • Powerful Store design tools
  • Administration To
  • Catalog Management
  • Inventory & Merchandising
  • Customer Management
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Order Processing
  • Localization Settings
  • Logging & Analytics
  • Shipping Calculation and Payment Processing
  • Data Access
  • “Getting Started” Wizards
  • Modular Architecture
  • Store Access & Maintenance
  • Documentation & Support


Costs at Miva Merchant start with a $49 setup fee and monthly charges of $59.95, $89.95 or $129.95 depending on a seller’s preferences. These monthly charges vary month to month and all include a free software (quality varies), unlimited products and a free domain name. Other features that vary package to package include: data transfer space and the number of email accounts available to the company.

Miva charges fees for merchant hosting as well. Through the IMS process, there is no set up fee and no cancellation fees. Charges typically run around $25 a month with a 2.39% credit card discount rate and a total of $0.30 in transaction fees. This solution is recommended for merchants doing less than $20,000 a month in volume. Fees and charges for using the Chase Paymentech solution are available through a Miva representative. This solution is recommended for merchants doing more than $20,000 a month in volume.

Other costs include website design. There are pre-made template skins available online through the Miva site. Costs range from $249 (sale price) to $349. They can also be installed by Miva themselves for only $49.00. Otherwise, companies are able to pay to have custom designs developed through the Miva team, often times on a specified budget.


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