Channergy and Newegg

Channergy currently supports downloading of orders, listing of existing products directly and new products via an export file, uploading price and quantity changes for products and uploading of shipping confirmations.

Uploads and downloads occur automatically at the timed interval you set in Channergy’s preferences. Channergy communicates with Newegg through its ftp interface. No third party programs are used. This ensures no down time as Channergy is not dependent on 3rd party revisions. It also means Channergy can quickly adapt to changes made by Newegg. These changes are covered by your subscription fee, so there is no extra charge for updates.

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More About Newegg

NewEgg is a marketplace for electronic, software, tools, appliances, jewelry and other goods. It was founded in 2001 and opened its online marketplace in 2008. Trivia: Newegg is not associated with the now defunct Egghead Software chain as is commonly believed.

How does it work?

You can apply at’s seller page to become a seller. The Newegg marketplace as of Q1 2016 had over 10 million products and 30 million customers. Newegg primarily seeks customer service oriented etailers and brick and mortar retailers entering the online arena. They also cater to manufacturers and distributors that offer customer support as well as overseas companies looking to broach the North American market.

Fees and Item Categories:

As of Q1 2016 commission fees were as follows and include credit card processing fees. These rates are lower than most marketplaces (e.g., Amazon typically charges 15% on most categories).

Apparel & Accessories 14%
Appliance 12%
Arts & Crafts 13%
Auto & Hardware 10%
Baby 12%
Bags & Luggage 14%
Beauty 12%
Books, Media & Entertainment 13%
Camera & Photo 9%
Cell Phone Accessories 13%
Computer Hardware 10%
Consumer Electronics 9%
DVD & Videos 10%
Health & Personal care 12%
Home & Living 12%
Home Improvement 12%
Jewelry 12%
Motorcycles & Powersports 10%
Musical Instruments 10%
Office Supplies 13%
Outdoor & Garden 12%
Pet Supplies 11%
Software 15%
Sports Goods 12%
Toys Games & Hobbies 12%
Unlocked Cell Phones 8%
Video Game Consoles 8%
Warranty & Service 13%
Watches 12%
Other 13%


Newegg requires a W9 on file and your bank account information for depositing of earnings. Disbursements are made every Wednesday on a Net 15 term for order shipped in the Newegg system. That means payments are made weekly and approximately 15-21 days after the sale of an item was made.


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