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SearsHow Channergy works with Sears

Channergy  downloads orders automatically at timed intervals and uploads order status information including ship date and tracking numbers.. It does not yet update product counts, descriptions, prices etc. on the marketplace, but this is planned.

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Sears Marketplace

Sears opened a third party marketplace for multiple sellers to put items up and run any sort of e-commerce business. The Sears Marketplace began in July 2009 and has over 10 million products available.

How does it work?

The Sears program allows you to sell On Sears or sell Through Sears.

  • When selling with Sell On Sears, items are listed as products of When someone purchases one of the items listed, Sears alerts the seller of the purchase and the seller will send the item themselves.
  • When selling with Sell Through Sears, products are still listed as products on, but instead of the seller sending the item, products are stored in one of the many Sears warehouses. Sellers just need to update inventory and update any necessary web stores.

To process payments, the seller invoices Sears and they compensate through direct deposit into a specified bank account.

Local Marketplace

Local Marketplace is an extension of the Sell On Sears program which gives the customer the option to pick up items at your local Sears store. This helps the seller by eliminating shipping costs. There are no extra charges for this add-on and this is an opt-in feature, leaving the decision to participate up to the seller.


The Sears marketplace program has a monthly fee of $39.99 plus commission of any items sold on the web store. These commission rates range from 7% to 20%. If a seller chooses to sell Through Sears, they will also be charged a rate of $.45/cu ft. to store their goods in the warehouse. This charge is formulated with a peak factor which varies season to season and when your item is selling more or less, to get the total storage fee. There is also a “slow mover” feel, which is a pre-notified charge if items haven’t sold in 6 months or more and are stored through the warehouses.


Product uploading onto the web store is easy. A template is filled out containing information about your catalogue which makes the uploading process easy. With this process, products are able to be temporarily removed and put back up when they’re ready to go up again.

There is also a list of products or items not eligible for sale on the web store. This restriction is due to health and safety regulations, state and federal laws. This sort of restriction applies to most marketplaces or e-commerce sites.

Promotions & Discounts

There is also the option to offer promotions or discounts. The three options given are a percent off, a dollar-amount off or a free shipping option. There are no fees for use of these discounts.


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