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How Channergy Works with UPS WorldshipUPS

As soon as an order is in Channergy it is also immediately available to UPS Worldship via an ODBC connection. When you pick and pack you can do orders one at a time (if you do not know your weights) or in batch. In the former you take a packed box to your shipping software and key or scan the Channergy order number. The customer’s shipping address, method and estimated weight will appear pre-populated. You then weigh the package and print a label and you’re done. The ship method, date, weight, cost and tracking number are written back automatically to Channergy and uploaded to your channel and if you like also emailed to the customer directly. In the latter method where you do know your weights you can print labels in batches and simply affix them to boxes as you pack. That can save time as you do not need to weigh each box individually. You can mix the two methods if you know your weights on some products/orders but not all.
There is one other method called Box Scanning that you can use in the process orders feature. With that method you can scan items as you put them in boxes (you can scan a UPC, your own barcode created by Channergy or the supplier’s barcode). With this method you can start new boxes and weigh them as you go. The advantage is that you cannot over or underpack or mispack a box with the wrong item(s).
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