VolusionHow Channergy works with Volusion

With Volusion integrated into Channergy, orders are downloaded and fulfilled in a single system. New products can be uploaded and changes to product information, such as changes in quantities, are updated in near real-time. Channergy also uploads tracking numbers and order statuses directly to your Volusion store.

Channergy interfaces with Volusion through its Multi Channel Manager (MCM).

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More about Volusion

Since 1999 Volusion has been revolutionizing the industry with its ecommerce solutions for small to large businesses. They provide online merchants with a shopping cart system that is fully customizable, secure, and well supported around the clock. Volusion is the first company to offer the on-page checkout and is continuing to help advance the capabilities of ecommerce stores. There is a long list of companies that make use of Volusion’s products including Motorola, Disney and National Geographic.

With Volusion, merchants can design, develop, and run a personal web store. The software works with a number of services such as QuickBooks, Google checkout and PayPal.  They also provide strong SEO solutions and excellent customer service.


Volusion has a number of useful features for online merchants. While higher end packages offer some additional tools and resources, the following are included in all packages of Volusion:

  • Award winning customer service around the clock
  • Professional read-to-go design templates
  • One page checkout that is fast and easy
  • Step-by-step video training
  • Social media tools to help make the connection with customers
  • Simple and effective search engine optimization
  • A large number of marketing tools
  • Mobile commerce solutions

How much does Volusion Cost?

Volusion is offered as five different packages, each offering different capabilities at a different monthly price. With all of the Volusion packages, there is a $49 startup fee. The “Steel package includes 1 GB of data transfer for a store with 25 products and costs $24.99 per month. The “Bronze” package increases the data transfer to 3 GM and allows for up to 250 products at the cost of $39.99 a month. With the “Silver” package, a merchant can have up to 1000 products and 5 GB for the cost of $59.99 a month.

Volusion’s most popular package, “Gold” allows for API access, a social store builder, premium support, 5000 products and 15 GB of data transfer and costs $99.99 a month. For merchants that want to go “Platinum” and get unlimited products, all the features, and 25 GB of data transfer can do so for $159.99 a month.


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