yahooHow Channergy works with Yahoo Small Businesses

Channergy connects to Yahoo Stores through its api. This allows Channergy to download orders, upload product changes (quantity and price changes) in near real time and upload shipping confirmations.

Channergy interfaces with Yahoo through its Multi Channel Manager (MCM).

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Yahoo Small Businesses

Yahoo Small Businesses are personalized web stores where sellers can have their own site to reach their customers.

How it works

Sellers sign up with either a Starter, Premium or Professional membership, all of which have more than enough features. With the Yahoo web stores, sellers can customize their store front and have access to features that include inventory control, order management, merchandising and promotion, payment processing and many more.


There are many features that are included in all of the memberships. Only the Starter membership excludes certain features, and even without them, one can still run a business. One of the key features excluded from the Starter membership but still included in the Premium and Professional is the integration with a back-office system. Another features excluded are integration with a order-management system and UPS Worldship integration. Many sellers find these features valuable because they sell on more than one web store and can manage their inventory through one system when they’re allowed these integrations.


Fees vary when it comes to what membership sellers decide to use. The one-time start-up fee will be $50 no matter what membership people choose, but monthly prices and transaction fees will change with membership. Starter prices are $39.95/month, Premium is $129.95/month, and Professional prices are at $299.95/month. Transaction fees are between .75% and 1.5%.


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