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ZenCartHow Channergy works with Zen Cart

Channergy downloads orders, uploads price and quantity changes for products and uploads shipping confirmations to Zen Cart.

Channergy interfaces with Zen Cart through its Multi Channel Manager (MCM).

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More about Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a PHP based online ecommerce store management system that is created from the osCommerce framework as a separate project. The shopping cart system is offered freely under the GNU Public License and has developed a large online community that is always improving on the many modules. Some of the modules included with the default installation of Zen Cart include a gift certificate/voucher module, a module that sells downloads (like eBooks) and a module that allows merchants to send and manage digital coupons. Zen Cart offers a variety of free add-on modules through their website.

Zen cart uses an XML template system and is highly customizable. Merchants have the ability to add unlimited pages to an ecommerce store and style them with CSS. There is also support to integrate phpBB forums into Zen Cart. The myriad of community created modules only furthers the already high level of customization that is possible with the software.


The Zen Cart community has developed a large number of add-ons to increase the features of the system. The following are included with the default installation of Zen Cart:

  • Unlimited categories and products
  • Gift certificates and discount coupons
  • phpBB integration
  • Newsletter manager
  • Multiple language and currency support
  • XML template system
  • Featured products
  • Easy installation

How much does Zen Cart cost?

Zen Cart is offered as a free, open source, ecommerce platform. Because it is branched from the osCommerce framework, the system inherits the GNU General Public License and is free to use, distribute, and modify. For those who want to support Zen Cart, they offer a monthly donation program via PayPal.


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