Lilliput Motor Company

Lilliput Motor CompanyWe have been with Channergy for about 11 years now. Moving from a DOS based order taking system, i.e. Mail Order Wizard to a Windows based operating system was a major step. The team at Channergy was able to import all of our database, convert it, and walk us through the setup rather quickly. We lost no data, and the new interface was wonderful. That was back when I first started with this company. 11 years later, we are now on Channergy 2009, anxiously awaiting the official release of 2010.

As my role changed in this company from warehouse, to becoming a CSR, moving into being a full blown self taught “IT” manager, Channergy was always there for me if I ever had any problems, questions, meltdowns, etc.. even if they weren’t Channergy related, they even walked me through a couple server configurations at one point. All quickly and with minimal headaches. You just can’t beat the support.

Using Channergy will make anyone’s life easier who is in any way involved with order entry. Searching is quick, the interface is very user friendly. There are hundreds of reports, and if you don’t have the one you need, you can create it easily. Over the years I get many referral calls from people who are considering Channergy, and my answer is always the same, in my opinion, this is the best order entry program out there, and anyone can use it.

James Rader
Production Manager
Lilliput Motor Company

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