Merriman Market Analyst

Merriman Market AnalystThe task of researching and purchasing new order processing software was given to me, however, I had no experience. I was blindly talking to companies and watching demos.

I stumbled across Channergy and they have been wonderful. They answered all my questions (and I had a lot of them). They were always patient and honest with me. I spoke with them on multiple occasions, they researched a couple things for me and really helped guide me to figure out what exactly it was I was looking for in a software.

I ended up going with a different company and after all their time and patience with dealing with me I thought they would try and talk me out of my decision (like another company did). But they didn’t. They wished me the best and said if I had any questions or needed anything to just let them know.

It has been a month since I purchased my software and just the other day they were thoughtful enough to drop me an e-mail to check in and see how everything is working out. It is this type of customer service that sets Channergy above the rest. I’m not sure that I made the right decision a month ago, but I’m confident that if things don’t work out with my current software, that Channergy will be the first and only phone call I make 🙂

Amber Lundsten
Merriman Market Analyst

Merriman Market Analyst purchased Channergy approximately two months later and Amber wrote:

“It has truly been a pleasure working with you. You have been patient and reliable and basically perfect!”

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