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The Power of Omni Channel

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​No Credit Card Required

Incredibly Flexible

Build your own interface.

Run locally or in the cloud.

Easy to use & touch screen friendly

Automatically sync inventory withyour warehouses, stores and online.


No Limits

Open any kind of file about a Product:

  • Images

  • Webpages

  • PDF Files, Word docs & more

Loads of Tools

Change quantities, prices & discounts

Automatic Amount Tendered

Handy Calculator

See Quantity In Stock & on its way

Cancel and Return Items

Collect email and phone #

Print and/or email a receipt

Lookup product in other locations


End of Shift/Day w/ Totals by Pmt Type

Custom Invoices & Receipts

Login Shifts with Pins or Card Swipe

Full Customizable Report Writer


Create your own button pads

Add Text & Images to buttons

Buttons can…

  • Print Reports

  • Run Scripts

  • Open new button pads

  • Lookup a Product

  • Open a pre-defined Search

  • Do just about anything…

A Unique POS & More

Host your own cloud based POS

Full Access to SQL Database

Write Powerful SQL Scripts

Integrate your POS & Online Presence

Use Debit/Credit, Apple & Android Pay

Fully Customizable

Local Backup so you are never down

True Omni Channel Features​

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One System &You’re Done.

JT Lilliput Motor Company

“The team at Channergy was able to import all of our data and walk us through the setup rather quickly. We lost no data, and the new interface was wonderful.”

AmberMerriman Market Analyst

“It is this type of customer service that sets Channergy above the rest.”

JohnDogs Unlimited

“The editor is great!!! I wish that I would have had it a long time ago. Thumbs up on another great product.”

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