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Channergy 2019 and the new Sales Tax Utility

Channergy has partnered with Avalara to help you deal with the new sales tax requirements as they develop. Today we are releasing a Phase 1 sales tax utility you can use right away to import sales tax tables for every state.

The utility also exports in an Avalara approved format to remit your taxes. Or, run the built in report to see your collected taxes, send to your accountant etc.

For Phase 2 we will fully integrate with Avalara to bypass the need to import/export. We are working closely with Avalara to ensure Channergy meets all the new sales tax requirements as they happen.

When you purchase the Sales Tax Utility today you will receive the full phase 2 integration for free when it is released.

Due to the need for new fields and the upcoming api integration the utility will only work for version 2019 or higher. If you are using a previous version of Channergy this is your opportunity to upgrade and ensure sales tax compliance. A link to upgrade is included when you click Get It Now below:

What’s New?

Optional Sales Tax Utility

The new utility imports Avalara sales tax tables so you can collect the right tax. It also exports a compatible csv file to import into your Avalara account when you are ready to remit.

Note: Channergy 2019 or higher required.

Amazon FBA Enhancements

2019 introduces several features and updates to the Amazon FBA channel. Stay tuned for details.

More Coming…

Channergy 2019 has more features and surprises in store. We will keep you notified of changes over the next few weeks as they are released.

Be sure to upgrade soon to save on the new Sales Tax Utility and lock in your upgrade price.

Don’t Hesitate, get the Sales Tax Utility today and stay ahead of the new regulations!

When you click the button below you will be taken to the Sales Tax Utility. If you are not using Channergy 2019 or higher you will need to upgrade. Click the link there to go the the upgrade page. Enter your total number of licenses where indicated. Also enter the number of years in the Quantity field (e.g., upgrading from v2017 to v2019 is a quantity of 2). Instructions are on the page and it’s easy to do, but feel free to

Contact us to have an online quote sent with everything calculated for you.

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