Nine months ago, our entire operating system completely crashed. Needless to say, there was a lot reinstalling of all of our software! Hours of work lay ahead of us. Because Channergy had helped us with the exporting of our client database into their program several months before when we initially started using the program, they had the information we needed to get us back up and running in no time. This was one piece of software we did not have to worry about. It was as if we never lost a single piece of data and our clients never noticed.

Channergy has been a great asset for our company. It has certainly made processing our mail orders much smoother, and actually a lot of fun. Our invoices look great and are easy to read, because we can take the provided templates and customize it to best suit our needs. The reports are easy to set up, and anytime we need assistance, Channergy’s Tech Support has always been right there. I enjoy the part of my day when we process our orders, because I know that whatever’s happening around me in our hectic and busy office, what I produce with Channergy is going to look seamless and fantastic.

Finally, the upgrades and the fact that Channergy stays on top of their game with new features and easy to install updates, not to mention super fast backup power, gives me the assurance that I am dealing with a top-of-the-line company, whom our company can depend on for years to come.

Thanks Channergy!
Elizabeth Grimes

2005 Update:

Channergy is an incredibly easy to use, yet powerful application that will cover ALL of your customer/mail order business needs. No need for separate accounting, customer contact, word processing and databases. Channergy is definitely an “all-in-one”.

*Contact Management: The types of customer information you can customize, store and track are nearly limitless. You can create your own tickler files, notes, reminders, contacts, referrals, discounts, etc. right within this program.

*Tables: It’s very easy to manage your products and pricing, as well as inventory, shipping, ads and taxes.

*Reports: Nearly every type of accounting report is included in this program, sales by location, accounts receivable, sales by rep, including sales, inventory, items sold by quantity, etc. cost of goods sold, reorder status, sales by ad type, sales averages, etc. Reports are relatively easy to edit/customize.

*Order Processing: It is very easy to locate a customer in the database when they call in, and run a report called, “This Customer Orders” which quickly lists, in full detail, every order the customer has placed (helpful for recommendations). It is easy to add a new order and print an invoice. If you purchase the credit card authorization software, you can even process the orders live. It’s also very easy to find previous orders and invoices.

*Live Webstore capabilities.

*The very BEST part of Channergy is the outstanding support you will receive from the highly skilled people at Core-tech. I ALWAYS receive very prompt responses from the support techs. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, without any of the “attitude” you can sometimes get from support techs.

Charlene G.

[email protected]

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