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Where do I begin to tell you what a wonderful program Channergy is for small and large business?

We originally spent thousands of dollars on a competitive software program. Only to find the import did not work properly, the credit card processing did not work properly. The worst part was the customer service. It was absolutely outrageous. We have been in business for 32 years and have never had such unprofessional customer service as we did with the competitor’s service.

After spending an exorbitant amount of time on getting nowhere with the program, I began researching for other programs on the internet. I found this program called “Channergy.” I called their company and told them the problem I was having and asked specific questions regarding importing, credit card processing, etc. The customer service was absolutely wonderful. I returned the competitor’s software just as they had instructed in their return policy and they fought me every step of the way on giving me a refund. It took months, I had to hire an attorney and they finally agreed to refund me 75% of my money. To me this is extremely unprofessional and unethical.

The cost factor, the excellence in quality and customer care that Channergy has shown to me and my company is first class to say the least. Their constant dedication and expertise to the upgrades is unbeatable.

Channergy software is by far the best there is on the market. It is very user friendly and an excellent tool for managing customers, orders, inventory, processing credit cards and shipping merchandise. The importing feature is top notch!

I highly commend the programmers and their excellent customer service staff, they truly are the best in the business!

Cindy Stoller, President
LS Advertising, Inc.

[email protected]

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