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Channergy is the spine that supports my business. Channergy has been reliable, adaptable, recoverable (after my systems failure) and easy to use and teach to new employees. And I have experienced other mail-order software that did not fulfill these benefits.

I’ve been in the mail order business since 1988 and used another package for much of that time until that company folded (there is a resurrected version of it but No Thanks!) About the time that company was having its first collapse, suddenly I needed technical help and there was none available. I searched through the mail-order software on the market and liked what Channergy had to offer. Not only that, but their customer service and cooperation in loading my old data files into Channergy was tremendously helpful.

Now I enjoy the ease in managing customer calls, inventory, order fulfillment and reports. I definitely recommend Channergy.

Deborah Terre
Natural Resources

[email protected]

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