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Tobin's LabI have had a web/catalog business for about 14 years. I started out using Peachtree because I had a copy in the house. It did not work well for me. After a couple of years, I contacted another company to see what they had to offer. It worked well, but it was quite expensive. They started going in another direction than what I needed, so, when my business burned down (along with my house), I tried yet another program. It was cheap and worked but then they cut all their customer and technical support.

At this point, I contacted Core-Tech. I talked with them for quite some time about what I was looking for. When there was a question that I asked that they couldn’t answer, they actually told me that they couldn’t answer it but he would get the answer for me. AND THEY DID!!

What a refreshing change from the normal sales BS that I have to cut through to get the information that I need. I eventually purchased the system. AND, instead of being abandoned immediately afterward, they stuck with me until everything was set up properly and I had a solid understanding of their software.

In hindsight, they went way above and beyond what I actually expected. I’ve had their software running on my computer for over a year now and I’m still tickled with my purchase. The decision to switch to Channergy was the right one. I don’t give out endorsements easily. In fact, there are only a few companies that I recommend without reservation and Core-Tech/Channergy is one of them. THANKS for being there. You have a great “off the shelf” package that could easily compete with most custom software for it’s purpose. I wholeheartedly recommend your product.

Mike Duby
Tobin’s Lab

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