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Getting Started with Channergy



• Be sure to exit all programs first
• Click OK if prompted by Windows UAC or a BDE error
• Right click the Channergy icon & choose “Run as Administrator”
• If prompted be sure to Update  the database
• Need help? Contact us.


• Use “Run as Administrator”
• If prompted be sure to Update
• Check out the Welcome tab
• And the Help tab



• Covers all the major features
• Orders, Customers, Inventory
• Channels, Purchasing/Receiving
• Fulfillment, Security, Reports
• How to get more help



• Add a few products to test
• Also add listings for each
• Or use our import tool
• Link a few suppliers


• Make “on the fly” kits
• Set prices and quantities
• Make breakout kits too
• See Take an Order 02 as well

ADD SUPPLIERS• Create a Product Supplier• Link Suppliers to Products• Link Purchase Orders• Use Suppliers in Multiple Locations

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CREATE PURCHASE ORDERS• Manually create a PO• Open the reorder report• Add discounts and change costs• Automatic PO creation

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RECEIVE INVENTORY• Receive from open PO’s• Change costs, discounts, fees• Change locations• Cross Docking

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TAKE AN ORDER – 01• Basic order entry steps• Use to train new employees• Tips for new users• Continues in the next tutorial

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TAKE AN ORDER – 02• Add to and edit orders• Include messages• Different payment methods• Print an invoice

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TAKE AN ORDER – 03• Advanced order features• Make Gift Orders• Discounts, Margins and overrides• Copy an order• Get tracking numbers

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One System &You’re Done.


hat I would have had it a long time ago. Thumbs up on another great product.”

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