Special Pricing

Running a sale? Giving away a free gift, or maybe you just want to automatically add a catalog to each order? Channergy’s special pricing feature does this and more.

Importing Orders

The Process Open Orders action contains an Order Import feature that can be used to import orders from many sources including ecommerce web sites, diskettes and telephone order service bureaus. In this tip we show you how to import from Yahoo! Stores.

Assemblies (Kits)

Assemblies are collections of various products in your inventory. You can create a product, for example – GIFT BASKET, and add all the items from your inventory that make up the basket (flowers, gift card, vase etc.). When you take an order you can select just the GIFT BASKET and the other items will be added automatically.

Multiple Payments

Channergy includes a Multiple Payments feature. You can use this feature to simply apply payments to orders, enter credits etc. You can also schedule future payments, apply Gift Certificates, enter Purchase Orders, COD’s, Billing options and more.

Subproducts (size, color etc.)

Channergy includes a special Subproducts feature. Typically this is used for entering Size and Color (for clothing, personal items etc.), but you can do a lot more with it too. In this tip we will show you how to use it, present some ideas for other uses and touch on the new Clone As and Product Type features.

Modifying Reports

We get more calls about Channergy’s report writer than any other feature. So, this tutorial provides instructions on making your own reports and  a list of tips and tricks you can use to enhance the reports included in Channergy.

Customer Contact Log Tips

Channergy does some pretty neat stuff. But, you may want it to do something that’s not readily apparent. Following are some tips to make the Customer Contact Log do your bidding.

Setting Up Shipping Rates and Zones

Channergy includes its own shipping tables for automatically calculating flat rates, charges based on volume and a customizable Rate and Zone chart. It also supports UPS Worldship through an ODBC interface. This tutorial explains how you can enter your own Rate and Zone charts so shipping charges will be calculated automatically for your orders.


You can create an RMA for any order with shipped items (items in the order have a status of SH). An RMA number may have multiple line items. You can also assign the same RMA to multiple orders. This allows for receiving portions of a return and refusal or approval of individual items.

Gift Certificates

Create your own Gift Certificates in Channergy. You can simply provide the code or print a gift certificate form and mail it.

Adding a Prompt for Input to Your Reports

You can have your reports prompt you for input when they are Previewed or Printed. For example, an invoice could prompt you for the order number.

Locating your Data Directory

Some of the files you can download and install from this site and the Channergy CD ask you for the location of your data directory. If you have more than one data directory be sure to install updates to each one. This Quick Tip explains how you can determine the location of your directory.

Adding Reports to your Reports Button

Many screens in Channergy include a Reports button for quick access to often-used reports. Did you know you can add and remove your own reports from the list? Here we will show you how.

Did You Know?

There are several features in Channergy you may not know about. Following is a list of quick tips you can use to boost your productivity. Each is marked with the version in which you can find it.