Special Pricing Tutorial

Special Pricing by Ad Source Key

  1. Open Channergy and Click the Menu tab.

  2. Click the Setup tab.

  3. Then click the Orders button.

  4. After the Source Key screen opens click the New button to create a new ad key.

  5. Enter a Source Key name (e.g., SAMPLE KEY in the example below) and a Description if you wish. Then click the Additional tab.

  6. On the Additional tab you can enter an extra shipping charge and an order message for this key if you wish.

    Click the Add… button at the bottom of the screen to create a special price.

    Note: You can create as many offers as you wish for a source key. Doing so allows you to combine offers (e.g., Get a free gift and a discount).

  7. From the pulldown select “Free Gift”.

  8. The Offer Type you select changes the options in the Special Offer section. For Free Gift you can select any item in your inventory from the Gift Product Number pulldown. This could be a catalog, promotional item, Gift Certificate, Non-Inventory item (like a message or a discount), an ad etc. Select any item you wish for the Gift Product Number.

    Note: The other options you can select are described below.

    Order Discount $ applies a set dollar amount discount to the order. Specify the item in your inventory you want associated with the discount (e.g., in the sample above we created a Non-Inventory item called DISCOUNT as a product and then assigned it to this special.)

    Order Discount % applies a percent discount to the order.Specify the item in your inventory you want associated with the discount (e.g., in the sample above we created a Non-Inventory item called DISCOUNT as a product and then assigned it to this special.)

    Free with Purchase adds a free gift when a “Buy this product” item is purchased on the order. You can also specify how many must be purchased and how many free gifts are added to the order.

  9. In the Qualifications section you can specify requirements the order must meet in order to receive the Special Offer you selected.

    Minimum Order Amount – The special offer will not take affect until the order is this amount or greater.

    Minimum Quantity – The number of items that must be purchased in the order for the special offer to be added.

    Start Date – The first date on which the offer is effective

    End Date – The last date on which the offer is effective

    Apply to first– Enter a number here to limit the special offer to that number of orders.

    For this sample leave the Qualifications section blank. This will allow the offer to be applied to any order for which this ad key is selected.

  10. Click OK to close the dialog. You should now see your offer listed in the Special Offers & Discounts section of the screen.

  11. Close the Source Key screen by clicking the X in the top corner.
  12. You can now enter an order and assign your key in the Source Key field. Your free gift will be added when you add an item (Note: You can also change an order’s source key to add the item).

Product Level Special Pricing

  1. You can also create specials at the product level by specifying that selected products receive a set price. To try this, go to the Menu tab on the Channergy Explorer and click the Inventory button.

  2. Choose any product (e.g., AUTUMN 001 in the sample database). In the pricing section click the By Source Key… button.

  3. On the dialog that opens click the Add button.

  4. In the Source Key field select a key.

  5. In the Price field enter the amount you would like to charge for the item when the selected source key is chosen on an order.

    Note: The amount you enter will be subject to any other special pricing associated with the source key. So, if you applied a 10% discount to the “SPECIAL” source key this item will appear on the order at $30 then an additional $3 will be deducted.

  6. OPTIONAL: You can also enter Quantity Pricing if you wish. To do so, click in the Quantity Pricing field, then click the button that appears.

    In the dialog that opens you can enter quantities and their prices. In the example below the $30 price will be charged for 1-4 items. At 5-10 items the price reduces to $25, 11-15 are $20 each and 16 or more are $15.

    Note: Amounts you enter in this quantity discount grid will override the quantity discount grid on the product. They will not override customer level special pricing.

    Click the Close button to save your changes and close the dialog.

    Tip: You can use the By Source Key button on the product screen to set up an unlimited number of prices (use this instead of the four pricing levels – Retail, Wholesale, Price 3 and Price 4).

Try taking a few orders to see how the source key and product level special pricing work. Remember to select the source key at order entry to see the results of your work.

Special Customer Pricing

You can override prices for individual items and groups of items for selected customers. The prices, discounts, quantity discounts and price levels you enter on this tab will take precedence over any other amounts for this customer.

  1. Find or Add a customer by clicking the Customer button on the Main Menu.

  2. On the Customer screen, click the Special Pricing tab or hold Alt and press T to switch between tabs.

  3. To add a special price for a customer click the + button on the lower toolbar.

    Note: To add additional lines you can click + again, or simply tab or arrow down to the next line. Use the – button to delete lines.

  4. In the blank line that appears you can enter a product number or click the button to search for a Product Number.

    You can simply enter a single product number, or use one of multiple methods to select a range of products:

    1. For a range of consecutive product numbers enter the beginning number in the From Product field and the ending number in the To Product field.

    2. For similar numbers you can use either of the wildcards: % or _ (underline). The % symbol substitutes for any number of characters. The _ substitutes for a single character.

      For example, you could select both the AUTUMN001 and AUTUMN002 products from the sample database with the _ as follows:

      or, with the %:

      In the above examples you do not need to enter a “To Product” value.

  5. After selecting products you can specify several different pricing scenarios. Some fields may be combined, while others are mutually exclusive. Channergy will warn you or correct entries when you attempt to enter an incompatible combination.
    • Start Dt and End Dt – You can enter an effective
      date range for each special price. Click the field and enter a date
      or click the button
      that appears to select from a calendar. Orders entered outside of
      the date range will receive the regular price for the items.

      Note: The date used for determination is the Order Date at
      the time the item is entered. If an item has a sale date of 1/1/06
      to 1/31/06 and the order date is 1/15/06 the discount will be used
      when the item is added to the order, even if you edit an old order
      later to add a new item. Existing items, however, will not
      recalculate unless you edit them (e.g., change their quantity).

    • Discount %
      – Enter a percent discount to be deducted from the price normally
      charged to the customer (based on their Price Level – Retail,
      Wholesale etc.).
    • Price Level
      – Select a level from the pulldown to
      apply that level’s price. For example, if a customer has a default
      price level of Retail you can select Wholesale from the pulldown to
      apply wholesale prices to the selected products.

      Note: You may select a Discount % and Price Level for a
      product. This will apply the % discount to the selected level (e.g.,
      Wholesale less 10%).

    • Mix & Match
      – Use this field to allow products to share quantity discounts. Each
      product or product range that contains the same text here will share
      the quantity discounts you set in the Min Qty and Price fields. You
      may enter any text you wish in this field. (see sample below in Min
    • Price
      – The price you enter here will be applied to the product when
      ordered. It is simply the price you wish to charge the customer.
    • Min Qty
      – Use this field to enter the minimum number of the selected item or
      items that must be purchased to receive the price in the Price
      field. Use multiple lines of the same item to enter multiple
      quantity discounts.

      In the example below AUTUMN 001 has a price of $43 when 1 to 4 are
      purchased. At a quantity of 5 the price reduces to $33. At 9 or more
      the price is $23.

      Note that AUTUMN 002 is included in this quantity discount matrix because it shares the Mix & Match code AUTUMN. Note too that although it contributes to the total count to qualify for a discount its price will always be the $44 amount entered on the grid (e.g., If 3 AUTUMN 001 and 2 AUTUMN 002 products are purchased the price for the AUTUMN 001 products will be $33 each and for AUTUMN 002 will be $44 each).

      Note: If you do not enter a Min Qty for a product that already has a Quantity Discount set up on the Product screen, then the existing Quantity Discount will apply. You can, for example, change the Price Level in special pricing and the associated Quantity Discount will apply. For more details see the

      Quantity Discount help topic

  6. You can enter items in any order you wish. Channergy will sort them and apply discounts accordingly. After you have entered the items you wish to discount you can take a new order to see the discounts apply. Please note that changes to the special pricing grid will not affect a currently open order. To use new discounts, close and reopen the order and enter your items.