Creating RMA’s In Channergy with the Create RMA tool


The RMA creation tool was developed to create RMA’s (Return Materials Authorization) in Channergy so that it reads the customers profile in the Type1 field to determine the restocking fee and computes a discount based off of that.



Creating an RMA in Channergy generally involves the following steps

  • Logging in to the application
  • Locating the customer that has the order who wants returned
  • Selecting the order and reason code for the return
  • Adding the quantities to be returned
  • Creating the RMA in Channergy.

The details are outlined below

Starting the Create RMA Utility

The Create RMA utility is a standalone application but it can be set up to launch from the tools menu in Channergy


When you first start the application you will be asked to log in using your Channergy Operator ID and password

Selecting a Customer

The application will load all of the customers in the Channergy database and allow you to select the customer based on the billing company name.

However you can also use the Find Customer button to locate them by First Name, Last Name, company, Email address or phone number

Clicking on the record in the list will load the customer profile in the main window.

Selecting the Order

The select order combo box will list all of the orders for the selected customer that have at least one shipped item

Selecting the Return Reason

The return reason code is the same one set up in Channergy.  To learn about setting up reason codes in Channergy go to RMA help.

If you do not select a return reason the application will not let you create the returns when you click on the Create RMA button.

Returning Items

When the order is selected the grid below will show all of the items in the order that have been shipped.

You can select the item that you want to return and add the return quantity in the ReturnQty field.  The application will grab the discount amount and compute the ReturnPrice and the Total of the returns (the return price times the return quantity)

When  you are done adding items to be returned, click on the Create RMA button.  When the process has been completed, a dialog box will show indicating the RMA that was created in Channergy.

You will then be able to manage the RMA inside of Channergy.











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