Returning Defective Products to Suppliers

There are times when you receive products from your suppliers that you have to return to them because they are defective, either they are returned to you by customers or you receive them as defective.

Here is the procedure that we recommend.

  1. Create a customer that is your supplier name.
    1. Make the default payment method as Invoice
  2. For tracking purposes, we recommend creating a source key that identifies the order as a supplier return.
  3. Create an order for the supplier customer.
  4. Add the optional supplier source key to the order
  5. Add the product(s) being returned to the order.
    1. Change the price to be the negative price.
  6. Add any shipping that you will charge the customer for the return.
  7. Make sure that the Payment method is set to Invoice.
  8. Process the order as you would normally.





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