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cscartHow Channergy works with CS Cart

Channergy downloads orders from your CS Cart store automatically at the intervals you set (e.g., every 15 minutes). As you sell products on any channel, all your stores will be updated to reflect the new quantities available as well as any changes to descriptions, prices etc. through Channergy. At the end of each day when your shipping software writes back to Channergy it will update your CS Cart store with the ship date and tracking number for each order so your customers can log in and see their order status.

Channergy interfaces with CS Cart through its Multi Channel Manager (MCM).

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More About CS Cart

CS-Cart is a  solution for any online business, from a small startup to a large web shop. All you need for an instant start and stable growth is right there for you:

  • Beautiful storefront
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Unlimited scalability through additional storefronts (only $245 / $125 each)
  • Price: $385 (lifetime) or $195/year (save up to $1,000!)

CS-Cart is a “batteries included” solution. Right out of the box, you have all the necessary tools for a rapid start: the checkout system, built-in CMS, flexible product management, etc. Just do some basic setup, add your products, and start selling!

CS-Cart ships with a modern, beautifully designed storefront. Use one of the pre-installed design presets or create your own. The built-in theme editor lets you to customize the look & feel of your store with no HTML or CSS knowledge required.

CS-Cart is faster than many e-commerce solutions on the market, with no additional tuning necessary.

The admin panel contains useful e-commerce features: promotion and marketing tools, integrations with major shipping and payment services – over 50 add-ons.

You can add as many storefronts as you need. The storefronts can be managed individually, each having its own design, products, and customers, or sharing the same customers or products.

CS-Cart is available in Free mode, which does not require a license purchase. The Free mode can be used with no time limitations. The Free mode provides the essential set of e-commerce tools. See the comparison chart.

The Twigmo mobile storefront is specially designed to deliver rich shopping experience under the limitations of a mobile screen. The Twigmo mobile admin panel allows you to manage your store from your phone or tablet.

CS-Cart users enjoy super fast and smart product search, provided by Searchanise. This service is free and available as a built-in add-on.

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