What is Mailware?

What is Channergy?

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How does it work?

Channergy is a full back office system that does more than manage your web store:

  • Manage your orders from your online sources as well as phone orders
  • Fulfill inventory control procedures
  • Provide a full customer database
  • Allows you to directly charge customers’ credit cards, PCI compliant
  • Ship to your customers via FedEx Ship Manager, UPS Worldship and USPS Endicia
  • Manage your accounting

Products you sell may exist in multiple online locations:

Managing all these services manually can be troublesome and time consuming. Other programs require you to learn different interfaces, manage listings, update inventory in different locations, track orders, re-key data, etc.

Channergy provides all of these features in dynamic software, eliminating micromanagement. Using this back office system will update inventory in multiple locations, manage listings and track orders all without re-keying data.

Channergy works with all of your online stores, feeds, marketplaces and auctions. By adding a product to Channergy, the system tools will automatically update inventory in your desired online location. Channergy will update inventory counts on all your sites as items are sold.

The Channergy software will also automatically download order requests when it’s convenient for you. After orders are shipped, the system will upload all the key components of an order (tracking number, ship date etc.) including status of order for all necessary site(s).

MultiChannel Diagram